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Online group coaching

HI, I’m Marc Lustig.

I started working in agile environments back in 2004. I was a full stack developer for many years before I discovered my passion for coaching teams, organizations and individuals in 2008. In my first years as a coach I focused on supporting teams to adopt agile development practices.

As an agile coach, I accompanied various organizations across many industries in their agile transformation. When I realized that organizational agility always needs cultural growth and that this always starts with individual leadership, I shifted my focus to leadership coaching. For me, anybody is a leader. You cannot not lead however, you can lead yourself with different levels of awareness and that makes the difference for the quality of your life.

It makes me happy when people tell me how coaching is impacting their life in a positive way. They frequently report an increased sense of intention and empowerment.

Marc Lustig

My qualifications

  • Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) – this certification is by far the most rigorous one in the agile industry. 
  • Certified Team Coach (CTC)
  • Systemic Business Coach (SHB) 
  • Certified Agile Leader (CAL) 
  • Emergent Essence Dynamics Coach (EED)
  • Leadership Coach (ICF Member)
  • Currently I’m enrolled in the CPCC Co-Active Coaching certification program which is due for completion in January 2023.

Learning program

My learning program consists of two subsequent steps. While the first part is a group training that focuses on leveraging opportunities to lead yourself in a semi-agile environment, the second part is an individual leadership coaching program that focuses on you as an individual.

Both programs work independently from each other and you get values from either of them.

The dynamics of agile: how to embody leadership in an efficiency driven semi-agile environment. 

5 subsequent weekly session, two hours each

Price: 650 €

Junior’s discount: 490 €

This foundational online program is targeted at junior Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches.

Problem: After you have accomplished some basic certification in Scrum and Agile and you have been working in one of the agile roles for a while, it is very common that you observe a gap between the agile concepts and the reality of your organization. Especially in large enterprises, you are required to implement your role in such a way that matches previous roles such as project manager or requirements engineer.

Agile Coaches are expected to serve as evangelists. Waving the flag of agile, they end up as stakeholders among others while the organizational culture keeps on turning in the same cycles and being stuck in legacy behavioral patterns.

In each of the five two-hour-sessions, we are discussing one aspect related to the dynamics of “fake agile” in depth and which opportunities you have to lead with intention.

  • what are the prerequisites for creating an agile organization?
  • what are the key traits of an agile organization according to the numerous case studies available?
  • why do organizations tend to implement agile in a way to confirm the legacy status quo?

Learning outcome:

  • You understand the reasons why many organizations are adopting agile vocabulary while confirming the legacy status quo.
  • You understand the benefits of truly agile organizations.
  • You understand what it means to lead yourself with intention.

Personal coach-mentoring program

This is a package of 20 online sessions. Each session is 60 mins. long.

Price: 2650 €

Junior’s discount: 2490 €

What will happen over this coaching program?

  • We clarify where you stand with your career.
  • To create a 360° perspective, we use the Wheel Of Life to look at how your work life is embedded into the other areas of your life. 
  • You will be setting personal development goals and clarify how you will recognise that you actually have achieved them.
  • We are discovering what is truly important for you and what opportunities do you have in your current job to fulfill it.

Your benefits:

You move over from being driven by life to authoring your life with awareness and intention. This involves establishing the discipline for continuous learning and personal growth. Your limiting beliefs are challenged and replaced by confidence and a higher sense of life authorship.

We will define a weekly hour that suits both of us so calls typically happen on a regular basis, except for special occasions such as illness or holidays, when we can skip a week or move the session to another time slot. Consequently, the length of the program is approximately 5 months.