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HI, I’m Andrea!

I have coached teams, team leaders, and managers in organizations that are highly distributed and global with a multi-cultural environment. In my role as coach I have contributed in their Digital Transformation journey towards business agility. 
Today, I help committed individuals, leaders, and teams with their growth. I am energized by people that are curious,  open, and willing to self-explore, develop their wholeheartedness and build a collaborative culture.

I  help you develop your potential, increase your self-awareness and break down your fears and limiting beliefs so that you achieve your goals and can create with more energy, balance, and joy.

I am passionate about learning, growth and wholeheartedness. I will meet you where you are in one-on-one coaching sessions or in team coaching.

It gives me energy and joy when I can help others through their Transformation so that they can increase their confidence, feel empowered and get more energy, balance, and joy in life.

I help teams develop the skills and capabilities they need to deliver better business outcomes and achieve increased business agility.

I am a big fan of experiential learning and therefore I focus on training that gives you a full experience where you include all your senses. It is fun, engaging, and thought-provoking.

Andrea Altier

My qualifications

  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Leadership Coach (ICF Member)
  • Certified Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Certified Agile Coach
  • Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer
  • Transformational Keys® Coach

Join my courses

Get 12-month Access to The Agile Leadership Program 


This program is for Agile Leaders that want to create an environment where teams are more agile, innovative and efficient. 

Price 4500 euros Excl. VAT

After completing this program you will know how to:

  • Create an environment where teams are more agile, innovative and efficient 
  • Create more openness in the work environment 
  • Resolve conflict of interests and have difficult conversations
  • Increase self-resposibility and self-awareness and
  • Be clear about your own intentions in relation to others
  • This part of the program is powered by Radical Collaboration

With The Agility Toolset you will:

  • Know what to look for so that you can ensure flow, collaboration and learning
  • Have a toolset to build a strong and motivated team 
  • Understand the agile mindset and the product mindset
  • How to organize teams to optimize for flow
  • How to work with competency development in teams
  • Understand how to scale across teams
  • Increase your teams transparency and predictability to lower risk
  • Know what to measure on team level and on portfolio level

In the program you will also develop your personal agility and leadership skills by learning how to:

  • Access your inner Leader 
  • Understand your defense mechanisms
  • Know your core values 
  • Be clear on your mission, vision and goals

This Virtual Program Includes 12 Month access to:

  • 3 Private one-to-one coaching sessions with Andrea Altier
  • Weekly group coaching with Agile & Professional Coach Andrea Altier
  • Weekly feedback and support
  • Monthly facilitated personal agility practice
  • Online Training for The Agile Leader
  • Resources, audio, video and templates
  • The Radical Collaboration Book by Jim Tamm
  • Private virtual community with access to agile leaders  
  • Bonus 1: A seat in the Virtual Okaloa Team Flow Simulation Workshop (4-hr workshop)
  • Bonus 2: +3 Private one-to-one coaching sessions (limited) 

Personal Coaching & mentoring

Price: 3000 Euros excl. vat,

16,7% Junior’s discount: 2500 Euros excl. vat

Program duration: 6 months, bi-weekly sessions of 50 minutes.

My role as your coach is to discover, clarify and align what you want to achieve. I will encourage your selfdiscovery, support you in generating your own solutions and strategies and hold you responsible and accountable. My belief is that we are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and that we are fully capable of finding our own solutions to our challenges. Coaching is not therapy, consulting, mentoring, or training. These are services I offer, and you can choose to include any of these in your work with me if you wish to.

Reasons why you would want to partner with me as your coach:

  • You want to increase your confidence
  • You want to build strong, supportive relationships and not hold yourself back
  • You want to be more conscious about your choices and time (work/life balance)
  • You want to get rid of limiting beliefs
  • You want to become a wholehearted leader
  • You want to be able to have to have difficult conversations and increase your ability to manage difficult situations.
  • You want more energy and joy in your life