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The dynamics of agile: how to embody leadership in an efficiency driven semi-agile environment





Start Date: Monday, 24.10.2022 at 17:00 – 19:00 CET (2 hours), Online via zoom

5 subsequent weekly sessions, two hours each


This foundational online program is targeted at junior Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches.

Problem: After you have accomplished some basic certification in Scrum and Agile and you have been working in one of the agile roles for a while, it is very common that you observe a gap between the agile concepts and the reality of your organization. Especially in large enterprises, you are required to implement your role in such a way that matches previous roles such as project manager or requirements engineer.

Agile Coaches are expected to serve as evangelists. Waving the flag of agile, they end up as stakeholders among others while the organizational culture keeps on turning in the same cycles and being stuck in legacy behavioral patterns.

In each of the five two-hour sessions, we are discussing one aspect related to the dynamics of “fake agile” in depth and which opportunities you have to lead with intention.

  • what are the prerequisites for creating an agile organization?
  • what are the key traits of an agile organization according to the numerous case studies available?
  • why do organizations tend to implement agile in a way to confirm the legacy status quo?

Learning outcome:

  • You understand the reasons why many organizations are adopting agile vocabulary while confirming the legacy status quo.
  • You understand the benefits of truly agile organizations.
  • You understand what it means to lead yourself with intention.

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