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Job Interview

Course by: Esha Gulyani Who has over 14 years of experience working in IT Industry.

Esha Gulyani Solanki. Agile Scrum Training Online Belgium. Job Interview.

She is an experienced Freelance Instructor and Career Counsellor and frequently conducts online Job Search training sessions and conduct Mock Interviews for different IT roles. Esha is skilled in Agile, Scrum, Microsoft Technologies – C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server and Azure DevOps. CLICK HERE

What you will learn:

  • All about Agile Principles & Scrum Concepts
  • How to write User Stories, create Tasks, understanding Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog
  • Poker Planning, T-shirt size estimation, Bucketing, Affinity Estimation
  • Interview questions and tips to get Scrum Master job
  • Scrum Master Certifications – PSM-I vs CSM
  • Scrum Master Interview Preparation Tips
  • Different Roles in Scrum Team – Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team
  • Digging into Scrum Process – Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum, Review & Retrospective Meetings
  • Scrum metrics – Taskboard, Story Points, Burn-Down chart, Velocity
  • How to write perfect Resume for Scrum Master and Scrum Master Job Search tips
  • Peek into one week in life of Scrum Master


What this course contains:

  • Scrum Video Tutorials based on Scrum Guide
  • 45 Multiple choice Practice/Test questions
  • Resume writingand Job search tips
  • Scrum Master Interview Preparation
  • Salary NegotiationTips
  • 50 Scrum Master Interview Questions
  • 20 HR and Behavioral Questions

Who should take this course:

Recommended for: New or experienced Scrum Masters preparing for interview

What Scrum Topics are covered:

Scrum Definition

Scrum Advantages

Traditional vs Scrum

Scrum Framework

Scrum Team – Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team

Scrum Artifacts – Product backlog, Sprint Backlog, User Stories, Tasks, Features, Epic

Scrum Processes – Planning meeting, daily standups, Review meetings (Demo) , Retrospective meetings

Planning techniques – Poker planning, T-shirt size estimation, Bucketing, Affinity estimation

Retrospective techniques – Good bad smells, sailboat, starfish techniques

Task board – Online and white board examples

Story points – why they are better than Man days

Velocity – how to calculate it

Burndown chart

Common Scrum Team mistakes

Agile Methodology – Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles

Other Agile methodologies – Kanban, ScrumBan, XP, Lean, Feature Driven Development

One week in life of Scrum Master

Target audience:

Voor wie is deze cursus bedoeld:

Anyone Looking for Scrum Master Certification

Anyone Looking to work as a Scrum Master

Anyone looking to work as a Product Owner, Agile Coach

Anyone looking to learn about Scrum (transitioning or already working)

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