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About Us

All Scrum Business is an exclusive small company based in Wevelgem Belgium (Europe).

We provide freelance job placements in Agile settlements or soon to become Agile settlements. In addition, we also focus on offering practical trainings, individual coaching and mentoring to certified Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile coaches.

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Practical trainings, mentoring, individual and group coaching

We train, mentor and coach certified Agile practitioners. We found a way to improve your practical skills!

What we do

We provide possibilities for Agile practitioners to improve their knowledge of Agile and Scrum and we help companies finding skilled Freelance Agile professionals. 

Together with our experts we provide ways to better practical insights which freelancers can apply during their current or future jobs. We believe in the growth of both the freelancer and the company through collaboration, communication and empowermental approach.

Our freelancers are ambitious, stimulate innovation and are flexible workers. 

For Junior Agile Practitioners

Many certified junior Agile practitioners are looking and waiting for job opportunities but often don’t get the chance to prove their worth.

Knowing the theory is one thing but fully understanding it and applying it into practice is a challenge that many starters face. With All Scrum Business, we are reducing the gap between certified and the labor market!

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